Chip, chip away

When the Pope visited a nearby town back in 1999, I kissed the TV screen.

Mesmerised by the sublime moving image that appeared on the surface of the old television, I found myself moving my lips closer and closer to the buzzing surface. In the hazy moments looking didn't seem enough, so I pressed my mouth against the ticking surface, leaving a flickering smudge as evidence.

The piece speaks of the melting of the screen and us melting with it while gazing at the glow. The sand is a play, or perhaps even a wish to realise how crumbling the structures that govern both the digital and the physical worlds are.

Historically, sapphires were deeply symbolic in nature. Connected to truth and truth-telling, they were worn by high officials and the clergy – those who were an integral part of the governing apparatus for millennia. A sapphire veil separated enlightenment from unknowing.

Medium: Lab-grown sapphire, sterling silver, sand
Dimensions: 6 x 4 x 3cm

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