Historically, some stones were believed to exhibit magical powers. Protective and healing properties of stones are described in lapidaries throughout millennia. According to medieval and early Renaissance beliefs, direct contact with the skin would allow the magical properties of the stones to benefit the wearer.

Pre-empirical faith in the divine was constructed with a layering of inaccessible concepts. Technology, like amulets and religious objects, is regarded as a whole, as long as it works: it is constructed with opaque structures, to which most users, consumers and content creators do not have access. The screen is the first threshold where technology becomes magical to most of us. The series of nine rings explores the juxtaposition of the faith placed in materials and the physicality of hardware.

Created using a sand-casting method, the rings are set with reversed cabochons which are composed of three layers: silicon, liquid crystals and lab-grown sapphire.

Medium: Silicon, liquid crystal, lab-grown sapphire, gold vermeil
Size: dimensions variable

In Collaboration with:
Romane Courdacher
The artist Romane Courdacher has developed and made the box for the series of 9 rings.

Colour change of liquid crystals in the rings captured while heating the stones.

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